Have you ever froze during a family session because you ran out of poses?

Maybe you want to capture more genuine connection instead of forced, stiff and super posed images. I get it!! This was me years ago. Every family session I photographed, the poses were so stiff and so cheesy. No one looked natural. There was no real connection. The more comfortable I became behind the camera, the more I understood what it was about family photos that was so important. Yes, having everyone looking at the camera smiling is important, but what is more important is capturing the love that everyone shares for each other.

A momma and her baby both looking at the camera is great, and important, but what is even more beautiful is having an image of that baby playing with it's momma's hair or necklace. That will bring back memories years down the road of how that sweet baby loved to play with her necklace.

Do you want to transform your photography by learning to capture genuine emotion and connection?

Then this is for you!!

Family Session Posing Guide

Family photography posing guide

There is a huge amount of posing courses and guides for couples and weddings but I have always felt disappointed with the family photography side of education. It is just lacking. I have found there is so much held back in courses and guides, or the teaching format is very much so stiff and cheesy. This 55 page guide is packed full of all the poses and prompts that I personally use all the time. I have studied what I love about family photography and have come up with poses and prompts to help coach my clients into genuine, natural poses that do not look forced. This guide holds nothing back!! You will even get my posing and prompts brain bump. Every pose and prompt that I have thought of that has been stored on my phone for YEARS!!! It's all included in this guide.

Learn how to pose your families like the pro you are!